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  "Get The Money"

"Jon's not only an amazing wordsmith, he's also amazing at positioning, and helping others learn how to position their products in sales letters, VSLs, blogs, you name it, to simply GTM… GET THE MONEY."

Andy Jenkins
The Video Boss

"You Need To Listen To Everything Jon Benson Has To Say."

He's not only a savvy writer, he's literally on the cutting edge of marketing."

John Carlton
Copywriting Legend

  "Simply Put, Jon's Come Up With More Cool Ideas In The World Of Marketing Than Anyone I Know."

He gets results very few people can achieve, and he can teach others how to do the same. He taught me his 'ugly VSL' techniques, and we've used them ever since."

Ryan Deiss
Internet marketer

"I Used His 3X VSL System And Now I Have The Top Offer In My Industry...All From A Single VSL!"

Vin DiCarlo

  "I Created My Own Video Sales Letter To Automatically Close A Live Speaking Event, Which Made Over $400,000 In Profit."

"I usually don't endorse anyone, but I'm making an exception for Jon Benson. He helped me crush a multi-million dollar launch, and with his 3X advice I created my own videos sales letter to automatically close a live speaking event, which made over $400,000 in profit. He's the real deal."

Dean Graziosi
The World's #1 Real Estate Marketer

"He's One Of The Best 'Teachers' I've Ever Met."

Jon was instrumental in getting our WillingWay marketing and website positioning off the ground. He's not only brilliant as a marketer, he's one of the best 'teachers' I've ever met."

Mariel Hemingway
Actress/Fitness and Wellness Spokesperson

  "Simply Put, Jon Is One Of The Most Badass Marketers On The Planet."

His knowledge of the psychology of selling, mixed with his invention of SO many sales letter and video sales letter techniques, makes him THE go-to guy in marketing today."

Joe Polish
Piranha Marketing

"Using His Ugly VSL Techniques, We Created The Original VSL That Did 9 Figures."

Jon's advice on the Porter Stansburry 'End of America' VSL was a game-changer. Using his ugly VSL techniques, we created the original VSL that did 9 figures… now it is even better.

writer for Agora Publishing

  "This Is The Best Course By Far That I Have Taken."

I have spent a lot of money on a lot of courses. I will tell you that your insight and organization along with great presentations is making this the best course BY FAR that I have taken. I cannot envision how this cannot rapidly improve everyone's conversions. God bless you. I know your passion is to over deliver and I for one, greatly appreciate it.

Lane "Dawg" Bowers
Professional Barefoot Ski Champion turned Internet Marketer

"Hey Jon Your 3X VSL Approach Is Really Really Incredible."

I'll go through more today and tomorrow. VERY VERY good job Jon. This writing thing is a nightmare for most folks and you're doing a killer job making it REALLY workable for them even if they suck. ; )

Mike Marasco
Professional Copywriter

  "Three Words After Jon's 3X Presentation: 'I Am Impressed.'"

Gary Bencivenga Copywriting and Marketing Legend

"Your Training Is Phenomenal...Best I Have Ever Seen!"

am perfecting everything and I've cranked out a record breaking sales letter - all because of you!! Thank you!!

Honestly, I have spent more than likely between a half million and a million on trainings over the years for all of my companies and all of my employee's and i have never given the "best of" award....until now...

Jon, in 3X VSL, you have created he most robust, solid, meaningful, meaty, well put together, documented, extremely well thought out, valuable, life changing training every created - bar none!!"

Rock solid brother, rock solid!!! I will use this formula / training the rest of my days!!

Jim Engel
Real Estate Marketer

  "Buy Everything This Man Has To Sell."

You'll find your brain melting…reforming into something better… seriously, this guy taught me how to market my own products more effectively, and I've made millions for years in this business. He was also key in teaching my staff how to use his 3X VSL Formula to literally create 5 and 6-figure VSLs WITHOUT me having to write them myself or pay top copywriters to do it. His formula can take a total newbie writer and make them into a virtual pro… and that means you can pocket more cash."

Tellman Knudson
Internet marketer

"My Head Was Spinning With All Kinds Of Ideas. It Was Invigorating."

Love Jon, loved the presentation. My head was spinning, with all kinds of ideas. It was invigorating. I have heard from several people saying the same thing. They got so much out of it. I want Jon to come back and have a private meeting with us….to talk about strategy. Thank you for inviting me to sit in.

Rita Shankewitz
Director of Marketing

  "When I Started With Jon, My VSL Was Making About $50 A Day. In 48 Hours, I Was Making $500 A Day."

Same list, same exact traffic. We went on from there to create the top product on Clickbank… as in ALL of Clickbank… multi-millions in sales, entirely from the 3X VSL techniques."

Josh Pellicer

"3X Is Amazing..."

I have understood some of these concepts in the past …I understood the formula of rags to riches ..... but seriously the way you tied all this together and the path that I see you have outlined as to where this is going is simply brilliant!

Troy Sinclaire

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