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Three years ago, Jon Benson's 3X VSL Formula Course took the marketing world's top pros by storm. Within less than six months, nineteen out of the top twenty-five offers on the Internet were using 3X-Style VSLs (Video Sales Letters) to rake in literally hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Jon has taken his 3X VSL Formula and integrated it with a piece of online software called The Generator. Using The Generator, you can now create automatic sales copy that leverages Jon's own copywriting talents, along with other top copy pros, and generate a 5, 6, 7, even 8-figure VSL in a matter of minutes rather than months!

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Look What The Generator Will Do FOR YOU:

  The Complete 3X VSL Training Course!
Jon Benson, the Father of the Ugly Video Sales Letter, has revamped his 3X VSL Formula Course for the next generation of video sales letters. The single most VITAL marketing course ever created for discovering how to apply with pin-point Ninja-style precision, psychological sales copy that inspires as well as it closes the deal.

The psychology of sales is the heart and soul of marketing, and the only men and women at the TOP of the Internet marketing world are those who understand and apply these closely guarded secrets concerning the psychology of sales.

And, only one course in the world reveals these secrets to creating CRUSHING video sales letters, webinars, up sell pages, and sales pages of any kind - The 3X VSL Formula Course

At the heart of everything is the updated 3X VSL Training Course. Over 12 hours of slide-by-slide video tutorial training on VSL creation, marketing tactics, sales strategies, close techniques, and more! Also includes over 18 hours of bonus video instruction, detailing how to sell with your voice, how to record and produce your VSL, how to "Fast Track" your VSL creation, and much, much more! This is THE course that has made hundreds of online marketers over $500M in revenue!

Have A Look At What You'll Discover Within
The 3X VSL Course...

Getting Started:
Creating VSLs That Get The Money!
(5 Videos + Downloads)

The Getting Started video tutorials do more than cover the basics—they delve deep into the psychology of sales, including in-depth training in the science of NLP-Based Copywriting (Neurolinguistic Programming), Simple Steps To Creating Powerful Stories That Sell, The USP Factory (an exercise that provides you with total business clarity), The 3-Tip Formula (the use of modalities to turn your tips and suggestions into strong buying anchors), and SO much more! Best of all—you will apply these tactics and strategies within every element of your sales process - from emails to blog posts, from text-based sales pages to, of course, your VSLs. This is considered on of the best foundational marketing courses, by itself, on the market today by Internet marketing pros such as Ryan Deiss, Andy Jenkins, Joe Polish, Dean Jackson, and dozens more!

Step 1: The Snap Suggestion Video Tutorials
(6 Videos)
The Snap Suggestion is the 3X VSL tutorials on creating dynamic pattern interrupts so your prospect is literally glued to their monitors, absorbing every word of your sales message.

Within these tutorial videos, you'll discover...
  • The 10-second "open window" that you absolutely MUST leverage if you want to turn a prospect into a customer!
  • 3 ninja methods for transforming a prospect into a raving fan, long before they ever read or hear your content!
  • The REAL REASON why the majority of sales pages fail—and precisely what you must do to avoid falling into this copywriting quicksand!
  • How the most oddball, weird, and bizarre images are used by the top marketers in the world to create "sales superglue"!

Step 2: The Vital Connection Video Tutorials
(11 Videos)
The Vital Connection reveals the secrets of clever rapport creation. No sale is made to a stranger without first convincing them that you are (or were) a lot like they are. However, this process goes far beyond the standard "I'm a lot like you" model used in poor to moderate-converting sales pages. The Vital Connection takes you DEEP INSIDE the conversation already taking place in your prospect's mind so that you forge a bond that helps ensure a transaction.

Here's what you'll discover:
  • The secret of the modest introduction - and how messing this one section of your sales page up can cost you 65% of your sales!
  • The step-by-step, paint-by-numbers Nightmare Story Formula—once you discover this rapport-building tactic, you'll wonder how you EVER made a single sale without it! The best sales pages (VSL and otherwise) on the Internet leverage this secret, and now, so will you!
  • The power of transitions. Without transitions, your VSL will appear choppy, and you'll lose the prospect's attention. However, using transitions that open psychological loops help ensure your prospect will maintain heightened focus throughout the entire VSL…and right to that buy button!
  • The ninja tactic of the moment of epiphany, and why this ONE SIMPLE PIECE OF COPY (literally, less than 50 words) can make or break your conversions!
  • The best way to ease your prospect into the results your system or service offers without making them feel the least bit "sold" (hint: most will not even know they're on a sales page until AFTER THEY DESIRE your solution!)

"You Need To Listen To Everything Jon Benson Has To Say."

He's not only a savvy writer, he's literally on the cutting edge of marketing."

John Carlton
Copywriting Legend

  "Simply Put, Jon's Come Up With More Cool Ideas In The World Of Marketing Than Anyone I Know."

He gets results very few people can achieve, and he can teach others how to do the same. He taught me his 'ugly VSL' techniques, and we've used them ever since."

Ryan Deiss
Internet marketer

Step 3: The Big Problem
(7 Videos)
Your prospect knows that he or she has a problem—what they do NOT realize, and what you will now effortlessly reveal to them, is how massive their problem really is. Your job as a marketer is not merely to point out the obvious problems, but to magnify the possible problems, making the taking of ACTION absolutely imperative!

Have a look at what's revealed inside:
  • Why LIES are the secret to your truth! Here's what I mean—you have to reveal to your prospect the lies they've bought into, and that this is no fault of their own. The 3X Lie Loop not only walks you through exactly how to do this—using the Generator copy samples, you'll also ensure that specific NLP-based embedded commands are included, making your information-based copy a total sales magnet for your product or service!
  • Four Simple Words that will all but ENSURE total rapport, and make your product or service appear as a Godsend rather than a hard sell!
  • The wordsmithing science behind creating a conspiracy. Every great story has a villain, and from this point on, EVERY VSL or sales page you create will have one, too. The 3X Tutorials guide you by the hand on exactly how to pull it off, even if you've never written so much as a grocery list, and just watch what happens to your sales and conversions once you do!
  • Why blaming the self destroys a sale, and how blaming __________ creates a near instant desire to purchase your product or service!
  • The power of loop-based solutions - how to prep your prospect for tips and strategies that virtually FORCE them to buy from you and you alone, while at the same time ensuring absolute and total attention to your sales message!

Step 4: The Bigger Solution
(6 Videos)
No matter how large your prospect's problem may be, the 3X VSL Course will ensure you have an even bigger solution.

Within these 6 videos, you'll uncover...
  • The EXACT ORDER you should reveal your tips and free information, and why breaching this order (known as a modality breach) will HARM your conversions!
  • The "secret sauce" words that you MUST use if you want to appeal to 100% of your prospects (hint: most marketers are luck to appeal to HALF their prospects, which is why their conversions suck!)
  • How to position your solution in ways that automatically and subconsciously connect your product to the most successful and best-known products on the market—and EVEN makes your solution superior in the mind of your prospect!
  • The one "modality" that's the most underutilized method of selling ANYTHING, and exactly how to employ it within your sales copy for maximum effect...
  • The absolute, most essential aspect of timing your pitch. Miss this, and you miss a sale...period!

  "Get The Money"

"Jon's not only an amazing wordsmith, he's also amazing at positioning, and helping others learn how to position their products in sales letters, VSLs, blogs, you name it, to simply GTM… GET THE MONEY."

Andy Jenkins
The Video Boss

"I Used His 3X VSL System And Now I Have The Top Offer In My Industry...All From A Single VSL!"

Vin DiCarlo

Step 5: The Grand Offer
(35 "Mini" Tutorial Videos)
Listen: if you botch your pitch, no matter WHAT came beforehand, you've lost a sale. The pitch is the most important element in any sales letter - and NOTHING teaches you how to pitch and close the deal like the 3X VSL Formula Course! Within these detailed, precise, step-by-step mini-tutorials (which walk you through EVERY NUANCE of creating a killer pitch), you'll accomplish the most treasured of all copywriting jewels: removing the decision to buy! That's right—you do not want your prospect in a decision mode during the close…you NEED them in a desire mode. 3X VSL is the only course that teaches this groundbreaking copywriting strategy in a way that ANYONE, even someone who cannot write a complete sentence to save his or her life, can replicate and implement FAST!

Just have a look at what you'll take home today...
  • The most "ruthless yet ethical" way to pitch your product or service in a way that will open the door to any prospect in any physical, mental, or financial state…just PICTURE IN YOUR MIND what this ONE TACTIC will do for your sales!
  • The covert tactic of The Hero Study, and how it all but nullifies traditional "testimonial" copy, increase conversions by up to 75% alone!
  • The vital concept of easy versus simple...and how this one simple, 3-minute-long lesson will change the way you position your pitch and your product FOREVER!
  • How to qualify your prospects, so you only land the customers who LOVE you, PAY you, and RAVE about you!
  • The super-samurai tactic of Emphasize X…so under-the-radar, you'll just have to get the Course for yourself to experience the increased sales it can generate for you!
  • The art of the Price Tease and the Faux Price—and the reason your PRICE may be WAY OFF (and exactly what to do to correct it, earn more, and spend less on your traffic!)
  • Empowering the desire to by with the use of benefit-driven feature studies!
  • The secret of The Reason Why…something virtually NO marketer is doing, yet EVERY marketer should be doing, when it comes to increasing the desire to buy through ethical scarcity!
  • The 3X Triple Guarantee…and why it's NOT what you think! (Hint: It costs you absolutely nothing extra, yet increases conversions by up to 28%!)
  • Exactly when and where to put your testimonials—and chances are 95% that it's not where you think!
  • The sales-cranking power of the Super-Bonus…exactly where to put it, and how to position it…and how to create it without ANY additional work on your part! This alone can DOUBLE your conversions!
  • How to make your checkout process frictionless…well before your prospect even gets to your checkout page! This will reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by up to 35%!
  • How to inspire immediate action to buy…and why this is really what you prospect REALLY WANTS!

PLUS: Hours and Hours Of Bonus Videos…
And The Complete "How To" 3X VSL
Production Video Library, So You'll Never
Have To Guess At Anything!

Never worry about how to record your VSL, how to make your voice sound like a sales pro, or any of the "techie"stuff! I have you covered with the complete "How To" Library. You'll have your VSL online FAST, with all the bells and whistles, even if you're not the LEAST BIT TECH-MINDED!

Plus, I'm including HOURS of bonus videos, including live Q&A sessions, case studies, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

The Retail Value Of The 3X VSL Course Alone Is $1997.00... And Now You Can See Why...
However, There's MUCH MORE Included With
The 3X VSL Generator...

  The 3X VSL Generator Mini-Tutorials!
To ensure you know exactly what to do and how to quickly create your slides, we've included mini tutorial videos on each section and slide within the 3X VSL Generator. Learn the psychological and sales tactics used on each and every slide to apply them to your VSL, plus any other area of marketing you have requiring words that get cash—your emails, your blog posts, your written text pages, and more!

  Automatic Creation Of YourPowerPoint Slides!
Never waste time in PowerPoint creating your video sales letters! The Generator will save you 90-95% of the time you spend typing and messing with PowerPoint, as you click-select-save your way to a complete, cash-generating VSL within minutes! All your PowerPoint slides are stored here; simply toggle to edit and view.

  The Generator's Handy Note-Taking Feature
Takes notes anywhere within the 3X VSL Course and Generator, and this little tool will tag your note to the section you took it, and allow instant access to your data, saving you valuable time as you compile your words that get cash VSL!

  "I Created My Own Video Sales Letter To Automatically Close A Live Speaking Event, Which Made Over $400,000 In Profit."

"I usually don't endorse anyone, but I'm making an exception for Jon Benson. He helped me crush a multi-million dollar launch, and with his 3X advice I created my own videos sales letter to automatically close a live speaking event, which made over $400,000 in profit. He's the real deal."

Dean Graziosi
The World's #1 Real Estate Marketer

"He's One Of The Best 'Teachers' I've Ever Met."

Jon was instrumental in getting our WillingWay marketing and website positioning off the ground. He's not only brilliant as a marketer, he's one of the best 'teachers' I've ever met."

Mariel Hemingway
Actress/Fitness and Wellness Spokesperson

  Point, Click, PowerPoint!
The 3X VSL Generator creates an actual PowerPoint file for you, using the slides you create using the thousands of copy samples provided within The Generator—all with a simple click of this button!

  Create Multiple VSLs!
With our Enterprise Solution, you can create as many VSLs as you desire, and easily access them here, with a click of your mouse!

  Copy Your Best VSLs And Use Them As A Template!
You can scroll, delete, and copy entire VSLs, cutting your split-testing time down to next to nothing, while you preserve templates you know work the best for your specific product, service, lead generation, or opt-in needs!

"Hey Jon Your 3X VSL Approach Is Really Really Incredible."

I'll go through more today and tomorrow. VERY VERY good job Jon. This writing thing is a nightmare for most folks and you're doing a killer job making it REALLY workable for them even if they suck. ; )

Mike Marasco
Professional Copywriter

  "Three Words After Jon's 3X Presentation: 'I Am Impressed.'"

Gary Bencivenga Copywriting and Marketing Legend

"Your Training Is Phenomenal...Best I Have Ever Seen!"

am perfecting everything and I've cranked out a record breaking sales letter - all because of you!! Thank you!!

Honestly, I have spent more than likely between a half million and a million on trainings over the years for all of my companies and all of my employee's and i have never given the "best of" award....until now...

Jon, in 3X VSL, you have created he most robust, solid, meaningful, meaty, well put together, documented, extremely well thought out, valuable, life changing training every created - bar none!!"

Rock solid brother, rock solid!!! I will use this formula / training the rest of my days!!

Jim Engel
Real Estate Marketer

  Detailed Overviews Of Every Section And Slide Tutorial!
Under each short mini-video tutorial, you'll discover a short Overview of the material covered, allowing you to speed through the Generator from this point on, plus you'll be giving your exact assignment for that particular slide or section, removing any and all guesswork from the equation!

  Automatic Sales Copy" That You Can Select, Edit, Modify…Or Even Create Your Own From Scratch Using The 3X Formula!
Imagine the ease of pointing, clicking, and saving copy that you know converts! That's the power of automatic sales copy—and The Generator gives you anywhere from 3 to 11 samples of copy for each and every key section and slide.

Edit your copy where needed, then click the blue "Save and New" to create more slides, or the green "Continue To Next Section" to automatically go to the next series of slides. It simply cannot get easier than this! Plus, using the tutorial videos, you'll be empowered to take the copy provided and modify it in seconds, making it unique to your style, product and method of sales!

  Instantly Edit, Move, Delete, Or View Each Section Of VSL Slides With The Generator's Detailed Slide Viewer!
Never get lost…never wonder what comes next…The Generator removes all the guessing and replaces it with absolute step-by-step assurance. Edit, add a slide, add multiple slides…it's all up to you and your specific needs—and The Generator is the only tool that makes VSL creation this simple, concise, convenient…and fast!

This Comes With My 30-Day "Cash Earned Back Or Else" Money Back Guarantee!

That's right—If you don't at least TRIPLE the money you invest today from your investment in the 3X VSL Formula and The 3X VSL Generator, I'll refund your entire investment. Just show me your completed VSL and the stats to claim your investment back in full. Or, if you just don't like the 3X VSL Program, I'll STILL refund your entire investment. Just email us at and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days. NOTHING could be more fair than that!

  "Simply Put, Jon Is One Of The Most Badass Marketers On The Planet."

His knowledge of the psychology of selling, mixed with his invention of SO many sales letter and video sales letter techniques, makes him THE go-to guy in marketing today."

Joe Polish
Piranha Marketing

"Using His Ugly VSL Techniques, We Created The Original VSL That Did 9 Figures."

Jon's advice on the Porter Stansburry 'End of America' VSL was a game-changer. Using his ugly VSL techniques, we created the original VSL that did 9 figures… now it is even better.

writer for Agora Publishing

  "This Is The Best Course By Far That I Have Taken."

I have spent a lot of money on a lot of courses. I will tell you that your insight and organization along with great presentations is making this the best course BY FAR that I have taken. I cannot envision how this cannot rapidly improve everyone's conversions. God bless you. I know your passion is to over deliver and I for one, greatly appreciate it.

Lane "Dawg" Bowers
Professional Barefoot Ski Champion turned Internet Marketer

PLUS You'll Also Receive The Following
As A Special Bonus!

Bonus #1
The 3X 28-Day Product Creation Formula
Have you ever wanted to have an info product of your own, but you're just not sure how to do it…or even where to start?

Then join me LIVE via webinar in September 2013 (exact dates TBD) as I walk you through my 28-Day Product Creation Formula! This will walk you BY THE HAND and help you create your first (or just another) digital info-based online product within 28 days OR LESS… even if you have NO IDEA what you want to create!

This Course takes you from CONCEPTION TO CASH in 28 days or less!

Bonus #2
The 3X Sales Page Formula
Here's my EXACT formula for creating cash-generating TEXT-BASED sales pages, using the hottest new format on the web today (The "Lander/Sales Format I pioneered in late 2012). Now you'll have the ability to send your customers to multiple sales messages, all with copy and formatting PROVEN to convert!

(Debuts November 2013)

Super Bonus:
The 3X VSL Copy Community!
Opening doors on September 1, 2013, the Copy Community will be a members-only access that allows you to interact, share ideas, ask questions, and improve your sales message with all the other 3X VSL Community Members!

This Super-Bonus ensures you are 100% covered: all questions you may have, feedback from other skilled VSL and sales page creators, and even cross-promotion opportunities can be yours within this exclusive high-dollar community… and you get access for LIFE, and for FREE!


  "Buy Everything This Man Has To Sell."

You'll find your brain melting…reforming into something better… seriously, this guy taught me how to market my own products more effectively, and I've made millions for years in this business. He was also key in teaching my staff how to use his 3X VSL Formula to literally create 5 and 6-figure VSLs WITHOUT me having to write them myself or pay top copywriters to do it. His formula can take a total newbie writer and make them into a virtual pro… and that means you can pocket more cash."

Tellman Knudson
Internet marketer

"My Head Was Spinning With All Kinds Of Ideas. It Was Invigorating."

Love Jon, loved the presentation. My head was spinning, with all kinds of ideas. It was invigorating. I have heard from several people saying the same thing. They got so much out of it. I want Jon to come back and have a private meeting with us….to talk about strategy. Thank you for inviting me to sit in.

Rita Shankewitz
Director of Marketing

  "When I Started With Jon, My VSL Was Making About $50 A Day. In 48 Hours, I Was Making $500 A Day."

Same list, same exact traffic. We went on from there to create the top product on Clickbank… as in ALL of Clickbank… multi-millions in sales, entirely from the 3X VSL techniques."

Josh Pellicer

"3X Is Amazing..."

I have understood some of these concepts in the past …I understood the formula of rags to riches ..... but seriously the way you tied all this together and the path that I see you have outlined as to where this is going is simply brilliant!

Troy Sinclaire

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